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Here are a few top tips that you’ll be glad to know:-

1. Free Entry to Kings College Chapel

It’s not well publicised but it is illegal to charge people to worship in the UK and so if you attend a chapel service such as evensong it is completely free of charge. Monday to Saturday you can queue up at the front gates on Kings Parade a 4:55pm and they will allow you in to the chapel at 5:15pm and then the service starts at 5:30pm and only lasts 40mins. At no point are you asked to pray or sing a hymn. Just sit quietly and respectfully. There are two evensong services on a Sunday at 10:30am and 3:30pm so arrive 30mins before the start. There are no services in August and September as the choristers from Kings College Choir School are on holiday as are the students of the college. They are liable to chancel a service so check before hand by walking past or asking the Tourist Information Centre.

2. The iconic photo of Kings College Chapel

This is best taken from outside the west gates on Queens Road. It’s difficult to get to but you need to go over Silver Street bridge and round Queens College or through Garrett Hostel Lane and over the bridge and then turn left walking along The Backs.

3. The Wren Library

This is open 12noon to 2pm Monday to Friday throughout the year. You need to go through a set of black gates on Garett Hostel Lane and keep walking. There are no signs and you’ll just have to ask the porters. It’s totally free of charge and has some amazing things inside it. There is Sir Isaac Newton’s walking stick and a lock of his hair and even a first edition copy of his famous Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

4. Punting

Don’t buy a ticket from a tout around the centre of Cambridge (Trinity Street, St Mary’s Church, Kings Parade). They are not always operating above board and start half way along the river where it’s mayhem to board and people queue for ages to get on. We recommend one of the more professional punting operators such as Cambridge Blue Punting, Scudamores or Granta.

5.Trinity Great Court

There is sometimes a door down Queens Lane that is open to the public to walk in to get a glimpse of the Great Court. There’s no guarantee but it’s best to try before 4pm when it’s often shut. If you go in through the front entrance it costs approximately £3.50

6.Desirable Locations

The smart areas of Cambridge are in the centre, west and south. If you are looking at accommodation way up north or to the east it’s probably not in the most desirable location.

7. Park & Ride

Its easier to just drive into town and park and if your car is full it’s cheaper than buying bus tickets for the family.

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