Art Installation …. Dinky Doors … arrives in the city. Can you find them? April 2019

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Someone …. who is calling themselves Dinky Doors has started creating miniature door ways around the city that hope to inspire us to look at other worlds.

We think they must be Cambridge locals as they have found some truly unusual places for their art that you couldn’t just stumble upon.

***** New one arrived on All Saints Passage – May 2019 ********* Check that one out.



We are in search of them. Can you help us:-

1 or 6 Reality Checkpoint

This is a very unusual Cambridge location. A lamp post marked Reality Checkpoint that was named by the people of Cambridge. First written in silver paint in the 70’s but more recently scratched into the base of the lamp post by town’s people then very recently written in gold paint neatly by the city council much to the disgust of true Cambridge people. This lamp post marks as a warning to town’s people walking home from the city centre after a night’s drinking that they are about to walk passed the police station and should sober up. Potentially a warning to Student’s who walk from the city centre out towards Mill Road (famous for great pubs) and to get their they must pass the lamp post so it is a warning that they are about to mix with real people. Potentially a reality checkpoint being up until recently the only lamp post in Parker’s Piece and on a foggy day the only source of light in the whole park and therefore a marker to check your reality. It even appears in a Pink Floyd song on the Dark Side of the Moon album and they suggest you hug it during your drug fuelled day to give you a reality check.


















2 of 6 Spiky Emailerator

Stood next to a spiky post box that apparently was made that way to deter burglars from using it as a leg up into the house next to it. Does this box suggest that one should just send an email and save on postage and paper?


















3 of 6 No.10 Downing Street

There is indeed a second Downing Street outside of London and it is from the same Mr Downing that built Downing St in London. Downing College leads off the street and is the oldest of the new colleges or newest of the old colleges in Cambridge and was founded in 1800.

Is this door a political statement? Mrs May struggles to keep her cabinet together and elections are being threatened. Or just funny?















4 of 6 Roll on Blank Tape

No photo available. Already been taken away. Norfolk St location. The first one ever.



5 of 6 Teleport-o-matic

To be found on Market St between phone boxes. Who uses a phone box anymore?











6 of 6 Wonder Emporium

Sussex Place. Makes you wonder …


















Article from the Cambridge Independent newspaper:-


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