Book Launch …The Systems View of Life …6pm Tues 29th April

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This book ‘The Systems View of Life’ is scientific but includes subjects like social networks etc., and many say is a must read for young and old.

Cambridge University Press is hosting a book launch for an exciting new book from leading popular science authors Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi. The Systems View of Life explores a new systemic conception of life which has emerged at the forefront of science, and is already being lauded by academics and authors alike.
‘The Systems View of Life should be required reading for today’s young, tomorrow’s leaders, and anyone who cares about life on this planet.’ – Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Ecological Intelligence

The authors will be discussing the book as part of a promotional tour of the UK – this is a great opportunity to find out about this multi-faceted concept from global experts.

The launch will open with a talk, followed by a meet and greet with the authors, with wine and nibbles. The launch is free to attend and will take place on Tuesday, 29th April at 6pm, at the Cambridge University Press Bookshop; 1-2 Trinity Street, Cambridge.

You may reserve your place in person at the Bookshop, by calling 01223 333333, or by emailing Fran Robinson at








Table of Contents

Introduction: paradigms in science and society
Part I. The Mechanistic World View:
1. The Newtonian world-machine
2. The mechanistic view of life
3. Mechanistic social thought
Part II. The Rise of Systems Thinking:
4. From the parts to the whole
5. Classical systems theories
6. Complexity theory
Part III. A New Conception of Life:
7. What is life?
8. Order and complexity in the living world
9. Darwin and biological evolution
10. The quest for the origin of life on Earth
11. The human adventure
12. Mind and consciousness
13. Science and spirituality
14. Life, mind, and society
15. The systems view of health
Part IV. Sustaining the Web of Life:
16. The ecological dimension of life
17. Connecting the dots: systems thinking and the state of the world
18. Systemic solutions



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