COVID-19 Coronavirus … STAY INDOORS …. 10th May 2020 update

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PM about to announce the opening of garden centres and that individuals may exercise twice per day .

We are now at 215,000 cases and 31,000 deaths in the UK being the highest in Europe.

Cambridgeshire with a 650,000 population has 912 cases with 162 deaths to date.

38% of all cases are those over 85 years old.

88% of all deaths are those over 65 years old (18.3% of the total population of the UK).

That leaves 12% of all deaths are under 65 years (82% of the population) but how many of those have underlying health conditions? That information is not provided in and statistics.

They say there are around 3,000 Covid-19 deaths in care homes going unreported. There may be many more deaths from Covid-19 written up on death certificates as a heart attack because the individual was not tested for the virus and never will be.

If there are around 100,000 deaths in care homes each year in the UK how many individuals marked down as died from coronavirus would have died in the same period from numerous other potential illnesses. As cruel a question as it may seem it is a point. 3months being 25% of 100,000 being 25,000 deaths in care homes during this period as standard.

There are around 500,000 deaths in the UK each year in total. 2,000 are on the roads. There are around 600,000 births each year.

There are around 435,000 deaths from malaria each year globally of which 93% are in Africa. Total deaths globally of the coronavirus as at today is 279,000 (4m cases with 1.38m recovered) to put things into perspective. Is it not sad that the world does not collaborate to combat Malaria?

Should we not be looking after our elderly better?


Keep washing your hands. Stay at home. Check on your family over video calls. Wear a face mask if it makes you feel better but there is evidence either way on them. Get some exercise it will make you feel a lot better.





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