COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS … STAY INDOORS … update 27th March 2020

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9,500 people in the UK have tested positive as at today. Current death toll in the UK is 475
Prince Charles at the age of 71 has contracted the virus. We wish him a speedy recovery. Does he have his own ventilator at his home in Scotland or will he be heading down the nearest hospital if he needs one?
There is an international coalition trying to find a vaccine and the UK has donated £210m towards it. Does that not seem a little light?
6,643 people were tested for the virus on Wednesday so basically if we assume we need to test 65million citizens this would take 9,785 days or 27years. I think this is going to be a slow process.
Lockdown is taking some getting used to for many.
Joe Wicks has a live YouTube work out each morning for kids and it’s nearly reached 1million viewers each session.
Zoom is a US video conferencing business that has seen young and old take up their service during this strange time of staying indoors 24/7.
Many people will be opening some beers at home at 5pm today and heading down to the Skype and Anchor pub and then on a pub crawl to the FaceTime and Firkin.
New measures for the self employed have been released by the government to help ease the financial burden. Sadly too many people are trying to work out what they can get out of the government rather than working out what they can do for their neighbour.
Last night everyone clapped the NHS from their door step.
We need ventilators and Dyson engineers are making 10,000 of them right now. Hopefully there will be a few more in the pipeline.
Big question as to why the NHS doesn’t already have the right PPE equipment and ventilators sitting in a warehouse for just this kind of emergency. Could this not have been even slightly predicted? Let’s all blame the last government or the one before that.
The government asked for 250,000 volunteers and they got 560,000 … isn’t that awesome! So now the government has asked for 750,000 volunteers. If anyone would like to look after four businesses and two toddlers I would be happy to put my name down.
Why have golf courses closed? Just keep 2m apart surely.
National Trust close their gates as they were getting overrun. I imagine the initial surge would dissipate.
If your car needs an MOT you have an extra 6months to get that done. Garage workers are allowed to work from their garage.
Vets are open to treat pets but only emergency stuff.
You are not allowed to view houses to rent or buy and estate agents have closed.
You should not leave the house unless to shop or go to work that cannot be done from home or any medial reason. If we all take this three week sponsored holiday to do some DIY, read books and learn a new language online then the faster we can all go back to our normal lives.
Stay Safe (the most common sign off at the moment)

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