Covid-19 or Coronavirus …. life after all this

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It takes a jolt to force people to do things differently but when lockdown is lifted one hopes some good changes will continue to be adopted.

There are some new gardening enthusiasts out there that did not have the time previously. This could well spill over into next year when the rewards of their efforts this spring start to pay off with vegetable produce and flowers this summer and autumn.

After watching all these Bake-Off programs on TV the nation now drains the supermarket shelves of flour and yeast. Are we going to continue to bake cakes rather than buy them? Will we all put on a few pounds?

Do we all realise we are in a global community where Wuhan in China are our immediate neighbours. Should we police activities globally if they effect us globally?

Has the traditional middle age crisis happened to even younger people during the lockdown as people evaluate what is important in their lives and what they want to do in the future.  What is important in your life? Probably not spending time in a car going to an office.

Although travel plans have been put on hold perhaps those people wanting to see Uluru in Australia or surf a wave in Hawaii or hear the choir sing in Kings College Chapel in Cambridge are even more keen than before to do those bucket list items. Now is the time for planning and internet research. Perhaps the need to get in a car to meet your boss is not as important as it was. Perhaps that quarterly team meeting in Las Vegas will become just once a year.

Are people choosing lockdown as the best time to give up smoking? If you are out of a routine and it’s not as easy as it was to pop out and buy cigarettes then perhaps it is a good time and that change in habit would hope to continue after lockdown.

We have all become more technology minded. People using the Zoom app that perhaps wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. People editing movies and posting them on that perhaps they might never have got round to. Should we not have been calling our mothers every other day before the virus? Let’s hope we stay more in touch with our families after the lockdown.

Will quite as many people go back to offices?

As an example an efficient bank might have 0.85desks per person but this is likely to come down to 0.7 but probably not 0.6desks.

Flexible office space has become even more important so landlords offering traditional commercial space are going to need to become more flexible on the exit terms that they offer.

15% of retail was online but it is now 30% within a very short space of time and this is set to continue.

There will be some companies that will fall through the cracks in the governments assistance schemes. If a company doesn’t have a shop and therefore pay rates they can’t request a grant. There are great loan offers backed by the government up to 25% of turnover but they will need to be paid back one day. Not every business is going to survive this pandemic and some are going to take advantage of the situation. There are stories of builders buying materials from trade companies and selling it on at ten times the price then having their trade account cancelled. Are some businesses going to look back and be proud of how they handled their operations during this period?

If you can buy vouchers for staying in hotels in 2021 now to help their business cashflow that would be helpful to them and you are going to pick up a bargain.

Would the public be surprised if they were told that some companies would not last three months if the customers stopped coming through the door. Surely all business owners should have a disaster recovery program? Like the global financial crisis will this teach us that it’s not just banks that need a better cash reserve on their balance sheets. Will this not make all businesses more valuable if they can show that they can pay staff for 6months minimum regardless of income coming through the door?

On a personal note should we all not have 6months salary sitting in a bank just in case another pandemic hits. Millions need to sign up for government financial support but should we not be saving money when we do make any. This is sensible personal security.

Exercise is precious. It is crucial for our mental health. A home gym might be more desirable than it was.

Has this pandemic shown that our beloved NHS (National Health Service) is not fit for purpose? As much as we love it and want to protect it perhaps we need to think about how it is funded. We have added over £14 billion to our usual annual budget of around £134 billion. 10% extra to fight a pandemic? Perhaps we should not all be putting such a strain on the NHS. A lot of GP surgeries are sitting quiet as non-emergencies are not being looked at. Does an Australian Private/Public Health System not make more sense with a typical adult paying insurance but with the poorest still being covered?

Should we be relying on China and Turkey to provide personal protective equipment?

Should we need the USA to process our virus tests?

Are we in a better position to cope with a pandemic? Perhaps this might be considered a good test to prevent an even more serious pandemic.

Is washing your hands a new thing? One would hope we did this before the virus but has hygiene become even more important? Will companies use this as a sales tactic to show how hygienic they are?

If 88% of all the deaths in the UK are of those over 65years should we not ask ourselves how well do we look after our elderly? “The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest member” thought of as a speech by Mohandas Gandi but possibly not. Great words. They also apply to how we treat our disabled and animals etc., Have we made the right concentrated efforts to help the elderly if the middle aged and strong are so unlikely to die from this?

Should we not be cycling to our local shop to buy produce rather than driving to a supermarket? Can we not get our weekly essentials delivered. Perhaps people who didn’t previously do food shopping online now do and will continue to. Does this mean that the need for large supermarkets is declining regardless of how precious we now realise they are.

Will those people having rediscovered the pleasure of cycling continue or even start commuting on a bike rather than taking the car? Or will the next winter send them back into their cars? The Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the post lockdown period should be ‘a new golden age for cycling’. See article below.

Camcycle launches a campaign to give pedestrians and cyclists more room to breathe. Perhaps now we value our personal space more than we did.

Did we like to see those satellite images of the earth so clear without the factories emitting their fumes?


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