Eat & Drink

One of our specialities ….. eating and drinking!    

Our favourite pubs for a pint

The Radegund, Kings Street

The Free Press, Prospect Row

The Elm Tree, Elm Street

The Cambridge Blue, down Mill Road

Pubs to watch sport

The Kings Street Run, King Street

The Tram Depot, Dover Street (No website available)

The Alma, Russell Court off Hills Road

The Clarendon Arms, Clarendon Street (new management Jan 2012)

Pubs that do good food at reasonable prices

No.1 The First And Last, Melbourne Place (used to be called The Cricketers)

No.2 The Panton Arms, Panton Street (general pub grub)

No.3 The Wrestlers, Newmarket Road (best Thai food in town)

Posh Restaurants 

No.1 Midsummer House (the only two Michelin Star restaurant in East Anglia)

No.2 Restaurant 22 (intimate place in Chesterton)

No.3 The Chop House (excellent for steaks)

No.4 d’Arry’s (excellent allrounder)

No.5 Loch Fyne (seafood)

No.6 Cotto Restaurant, 183 East Road
Tel 01223 302010

Middle Range Restaurants

No.1 Jamie’s Italian, Peas Hill (varied quality of service and you wont find Jamie flipping burgers out the back).

No.2 Brasserie Gerard, Bridge Street (French)

No.3 Bill’s, Green Street (very new, cafe style dining)’s_Cambridge.html

No.4 Yo Sushi, Petty Cury (go on a Monday for a good deal or it’s actually quite expensive)


Browns, Fitzwilliam Street (great location, nice classic decor, an old classic)

La Mimosa, Jesus Green

River Bar & Kitchen, Boardwalk

Teri-Aki, Quayside

Giraffe, Christs Piece (good for kids)

Alimentum, Hills Road (bit out of town)


Best Out of Town Gastropub

1. The Hole in the Wall, Little Wilbraham (towards Newmarket)

Run by Alex from Masterchef. Great modern English cuisine.

2. The Three Tuns, Great Abington (South Cambridge)

Run by a chap called Chris serving great Thai food.

3. …. awaiting judgement


Best Out of Town Pub

1. Queens Head, Newton (South Cambridge)

2. The Blue Ball, Grantchester (West Cambridge)

3.  The Pheasant, Great Chishill, (towards Royston)

4. … awaiting judgement


Best Burger

No.1 The First And Last, Melbourne Place (no website)
No.2 Bill’s, Green Street
No.3 Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Regent Street

Best Pizza

No.1 Ask, Regent Street!/restaurants/cambridge
No.2 Pizza Express, Jesus Lane or Regent Street
No.3 Pizza Hut, Regent Street and other locations

Best Chinese Restaurants

No.1 Spring, Mill Road (Authentic and pricey)
No.2 Seven Days, Regent Street (no website)
No.3 Charlie Chan, Regent Street (no website, one of the original Chinese restaurants in Cambridge)

Best Indian Resturants

Saffron Brasserie, Hills Road (no website)
Tel: 01223 354679

The Gandhi, Regent Street (no website)
Tel: 01223 353942

The Curry Queen, Mill Road –
Tel: 01223 351027

Best Thai Resturants

The Wrestlers, Newmarket Road (bit out of town but worth it)
Tel: 01223 566554

Bangkok City, Green Street (no website)
Tel: 01223 354382

Mai Thai, Parker’s Piece Cricket Pavilion –
Tel: 01223 367480

Sala Thong Thai, 35 Newnham Road (still going?)
Tel: 01223 323178

Late night bars

No.1 LaRaza, Rose Cresent

No.2 Vaults, Trinity Street

No.3 Hidden Rooms, 7a Jesus Lane –

There are no decent nightclubs in Cambridge. They are discouraged by the University. However if you are desperate…

Fez Club –

Lola Lo (was soul tree) –

Kambar (was Route 66) –

Place (was Life or Twenty Two before that and even Chicago’s if you can remember that far back) –

Ballare (was known as 5th Avenue and a while before that it was Cindarella’s –

Cool Cafes

Indigo, St Edwards Passage (no website)

Clowns, King Street (no website)

Aunties Tea Shop, Kings Parade (very Cambridge and rather touristy and expensive)

Michaelhouse Centre Cafe, Trinity Street (part of St Mary’s Church)

Rainbow Cafe, Off Kings Parade

Bill’s, Green Street

Arts Picture House Cafe, St Andrews Street (part of the cinema)

CB1, Mill Road (oldest internet cafe in the world)

CB2, off East Road (also a good bistro)

Hidden Rooms, 7a Jesus Lane (more of a bar but is open during the day)

The Cafe Project, 22 Jesus Lane

Best Fast Food

No.1 – Ostrich Burgers, Market Square (only available on Sundays)
No.2 – Red Poll Burgers & Pies, Market Square (all week)
No.3 – Cornish Pasties, Rose Cresent