Free Things to Do

Our favourite free things to do …

1. Kings College Chapel Evensong – 5pm Mon-Sat and 10:30am and 3:30pm Sundays. Not available during summer holidays.

2. Fitzwilliam Museum – open every day except Mondays. Some wonderful pieces of art, sculpture, pottery etc., They do expect a ‘donation’ as you depart

3. Real AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh at Trinity’s Wren Library. There’s also Sir Isaac Newton’s walking stick and a lock of his hair.

4. Picnic by the river – go to the Mill Pond (bottom of Mill Lane) and watch punting and the world go by

5. Walk round the market in the Market Square. Sundays’ are particularly good with some one-off stands including Ostrich burgers!

6. Walk into the Eagle Pub on Benet Street and read the message written by the pilots of WWII in the back bar.

7. Get a skateboard and mess around on the skate park on Jesus Green (behind the pool)

8. Walk along the river going east from the Quayside passed Jesus Green, Midsummer Common and even Stourbridge Common

9. Walk along the river through Grantchester Meadows out to the village of Grantchester.

10. Steal a punt pole from a punter by standing on Garrett Hostel Bridge provided you then throw it back to them of course.

11. Visit St Giles’s church on Castle Hill at 1pm each Friday where a Cambridge University student performs a short piece of classical music. Confirm it’s on at

12. Visit a car boot sale. These can be found all over Cambridgeshire and beyond. There’s a good one at Burwell or Woodgreen organise one

13. Walk round the grounds of Wimpole Hall. Going in has a charge but the grounds are free and quite magnificent. You can even walk up to the folly

14. Request a library card for the University Library and you will have your pick of around 29million books!

15. Visit the Sedgwick museum of earth sciences.  It will expand your mind.

16. Antique Shopping. It’s only free if you don’t buy anything. However here’s a few to consider that are off the beaten track. (down Mill Road and over the bridge) or (Gwydir Street). There’s also 206 Mill Road or if you want to go up market try on Regent Street. If you want a trip to Ely this is reason enough to go


Note: Please let us know if you have any further suggestions. We’re always happy to include them on a longer list if we feel they are good enough of course.