This is the easy way to get to Cambridge. Fastest train leaves from Kings Cross (platforms 9, 10 or 11 usually) and takes about 50minutes. This costs about £36 peak day return or £22 if you travel after 9:30am and not between 4-7pm and go from Liverpool Street. Check your journey before you go here….

The Cambridge Train station is 20minutes walk from the city centre. It was put there to discourage students going to London to meet girls.


Slightly cheaper than the train and stops at Drummer Street, which is very central, however it takes ages. This is run by only one company (stagecoach) and so they are in control of prices.

Park and Ride

This is a scheme to keep people from driving into the city centre. It takes 15mins to wait for a bus and 40mins to drive into the city centre so leave plenty of time. No change is given by any machines. You can only buy tickets from a machine or the bus driver (no hotels or train stations). It costs £2.80 for a return or £3.70 for the day. Therefore if there are 3x adults in the car it’s cheaper to park in the Queen Anne car park and that will also save you the 15min wait for a bus and all the stops into town. Up to 3x Under 16year olds’ can travel free with a paying adult.


We have an airport, which runs flights to and from Jersey, Verona and various other destinations. For more information visit


We pretty much entirely have single lane roads across the whole of the city and so gridlock is a frequent site. Having said that it’s still probably the best way to get in and out of the city. There are car parks at The Grand Arcade shopping centre and behind Jesus Lane, however the cheapest is the Queen Anne car park on Gonville Place over looking Parker’s Piece. Although if you parked further down Mill Road you can park for free and it’s only a bit further to walk to the city centre anyway. If you’re wondering about road works or delays check out for the latest information.

Queen Anne Car Park = £12.20 for the whole day

Grand Arcade Car Park = £25.00 for the whole day


Our recommendation

Sawston Taxi Tel: 01223 835800

Stansted-Cambridge Taxi (as little as £40 to get to the airport) 08456 436705

Panther are one of the largest taxi companies 01223 715715


We have over 80miles of bike lane and paths, however this system is not completely connected so it’s not perfect. Cambridge is famous for cycling and we certainly recommend bringing your bike on the train or hiring one or indeed going on a bike tour, while you are in the city.


Our river (the Cam) does have narrow boats and one commercial vessel but there’s no real way of getting here by boat unless you’ve hired one from Ely. You can take a boat from Cambridge to Kings Lynn in the north but you can’t travel towards London on our river system.