Stuff for Kids to do

There are loads of great things for kids to do in Cambridge. Here are a few suggestions …

1. Get a bike, skateboard, roller-blades or what-have-you and head to Jesus Green. Behind the Jesus Green Swimming Pool is a great skate park with loads of ramps for beginners through to professional.

2. Go punting. We suggest that you do self-hire and ask them to do the punting. They’re almost bound to fall in!

3. Go on a Bike Tour. This is interesting and factual. There are more amusing stories than most tours and they get a bit of exercise.

4. Go swimming. There are various pools around for day passes. Jesus Green Swimming Pool is only open May to Sept and is 90m long and only really for people doing lengths. We’d advise you went to Kelsey Kerridge on Parker’s Piece which has a slide.

5.  … we’re still coming up with better options ….