There are lots of different tours of the city and we’ve detailed below the main ones:-

Punting Tours

There are lots of punting tours and different operators. Please see our Punting page for more information

Bike Tours

There is only one bike tours operator to our knowledge

Tel: 01223 366 868

Walking Tours (of the colleges, museums and libraries)

The main blue badge guide walking tours are available through the Tourist Information Centre in The Guild Hall on Market Square. These tours are full of dates and facts. There are different tours of different lengths. Don’t forget that standing and walking for several hours is really hard work. We’d recommend that you take a short tour and even take two tours with a break in the middle to save your legs.

There are some independent people that organise walking tours. These include:-

1. Tony Rodgers tel: 01223 894094 or Mobile: 07814765151

2. Chris 07902 118100

Food Tours

There is a new tour in town! … Cambridge Food Tours! …. how awesome is that? Take a 4hr walking tour round Cambridge sampling the foodie delights of Cambridge. Call Gerla on 01223 370 107 or visit

Ghost Tours

These are walking tours at night with a very gruesome appeal. These can be arranged through the Tourist Information Centre or we recommend Tony Rodgers 01223 894094

There is also a new operation (not researched)


Boat Tours

For large events there is the Riverboat Georgina

For every day tours along the river going east from the City there is CamBoats, which is run by a friendly chap called Peter. Very reasonable prices for a Narrow Boat trip. For more information go to:


Bus Tours (round Cambridge)

This is good if you are injured and unable to walk or cycle. There is only one operator called City Sightseeing that goes around Cambridge itself. Tel: 01223 423578

Coach Tours (out of Cambridge)

You can organise a coach tour to other cities through the Tourist Information Centre in the Guildhall, however if you are looking at joining a nice little group for a trip to Stonehenge , Bath, Windsor or Oxford we recommend Roots Travel Tel: 01223 479532

Sculpture Trails (free download)

This site gives you a little information about different sculptures around Cambridge that you might not even notice are there. Fascinating