Coronation of King Charles III

Sat 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London

Charles will be crowned King and Camilla with be crowned Queen Consort.

This ancient ceremony will take place in London and formalises Charles at King and head of the Church of England. Although Charles became King the moment his mother died this occasion signified the transfer of titles and power.

On Sunday 7th May there will be a laser light show at Windsor Castle and celebration big lunch parties are being encouraged for this day.
Monday 8th May 2023 has been marked as a bank holiday to celebrate the occasion but people have been encouraged to take the day to help in their local community through The Big Help Out initiative.

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The procession and ceremony is thought to be more modest that his mother’s back in 1953.

Inside the Abbey Charles will take the oath, anointment, the investiture and enthronement whilst around 2,200 invited guests will look on. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation had 8,000 guests but it was a major task to seat them all so this event is likely to be more compact.

The King will be crowned with the solid gold 17th Century St Edward’s Crown. It is exceptionally heavy and only used at the moment of crowning, and was also worn by Queen Elizabeth at her own coronation.

The day will bring around the usual questions surrounding who will pay for the event (the UK government) and who owns the diamonds on the crown as South Africa and India and Pakistan all lay claims to them. There will also be lots of speculation as to who will appear on the royal balcony after the event especially after the release of Prince Harry’s book entitle Spare.

Controversies aside it will be a major occasion in the diary for the UK on the world’s stage. Lots of union flag bunting will be out on display everywhere.
It’s time to feel patriotic!

Article by Anthony Dean
Cambridge Tourist